This weekend Kingston Mines celebrates their 45th Anniversary. An incredible accomplishment made even more amazing when you consider it has been owned and operated by Doc Pellegrino and his family the entire time. Kingston Mines has long been associated with the two bands and two stages setup….again, this is really unlike any other blues club out there and the fact that they feature two bands every night when many clubs are cutting live music out of their schedules is another tribute to Doc’s love for the blues. I personally began working with Doc and Kingston Mines in 1996 and have been a huge fan and supporter of the club since then. Over the years we broadcast Hundreds of live shows and spent thousands of hours watching and listening to some of the greatest musicians in the world.

If you haven’t been there before make it a point to stop in and check the place out. So much history and so many great performers have gone through those doors. And in addition to the great music that has been played on it’s stages, the club also was the original home to the musical Grease in the 60’s and was the spot where a young John Belushi and Dan Akroyd spent many nights watching, sitting in and honing their musical chops, and pulling together the inspiration for the the characters who would eventually become Jake and Elwood Blues….The Blues Brothers.

Check out their website for more info or check here to see the latest schedule information for Chicago’s Oldest and Largest Blues Club – Kingston Mines.