4478274319_8cf10d31b7Anyone who ever listened to TCBX probably knows how much we loved RL Burnside. There probably weren’t many weeks when we didn’t mention or play the Reverend of the blues but for very good reason. Over the years we had a lot of chances to see him live at clubs around Chicago and Festivals all over the country. One time Cornbread and myself even had the chance to visit RL at his home near Holly Springs, MS. From what I can tell this video was shot in the that same home but probably 3-5 years before we visited him. If memory serves me correct though the picnic table, broken white car, and red pickup truck were all still parked on the lot and the porch looked almost the same. Some of my best memories in the blues are hanging out with RL, Kenny Brown and Cedric Burnside backstage and just listening to RL tell stories and jokes….he never ran out of either. Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.

**It appears this video isn’t allowing embedding anymore but I think it’s worth the click through to watch on YouTube