I still remember the first time I stumbled on a live version of Freddie King’s classic Goin’ Down….it was a late night and I was doing a 6 month stint in Telluride, CO and broadcasting TCBX on KOTO FM. I was previewing some tracks from an album and when he kicked into Goin’ Down it was like my jaw hit the floor. The stinging guitar, the emotion he puts into it, the intensity….it’s all there. Needless to say I played the track on the air almost immediately and from then on I started listening to all the Freddie King I could find. He was an incredible performer and a guy that left this world too soon like so many of the other blues greats.

I found this video of Freddie and thought it was a nice look at him and offered the rare chance to see a whole performance. Imagine what it must have been like sitting there in those front row tables enjoying dinner and a cocktail or 7 while Freddie King tore it up 10 feet away. Wow! If you had a chance to see Freddie King live feel free to share your stories. If you haven’t heard him before he is absolutely required listening when it comes to the blues.